Your Stewards

David Buell and Joanna Pinney first met in 1993 at the home of a mutual friend. Their paths continued to cross over the next couple years. In the fall of 1996, David was a widower and Joanna was divorced. David commenced an old-fashioned courtship with letters and phone calls despite Joanna’s insistence that her parenting of two teenage sons and being self-employed allowed no time for a relationship.  David persisted and got his foot in the door. After a few years of traveling back and forth between Maine and NH, Joanna moved to Maine. David and Joanna were married in the stone circle at Light Heart Retreat on October 9, 1999. 

Together Joanna and David have operated Light Heart Retreat and Buell’s Granite. Through a previous joint venture, Home Angels, they rehabbed two troubled properties and transformed them into good, attractive homes in their local community. Joanna continued her holistic healing practice in Maine, most recently, as The Dowsing Deva. 

David and Joanna have shared a deep love and respect for Nature. Both have had a long-standing commitment to the stewardship of the 100 acres that makes up Light Heart Retreat. David and Joanna have lived a life attuned to life force energy; as Reiki Masters, dowsers and lovers of nature.  This connection to nature has informed and directed, all aspects of their life together at Light Heart Retreat where they found their place in the cosmos– those big, beautiful flowers in the photo.

It has been their great joy to share the peace, beauty, magic and inspiration that is Light Heart Retreat, with those who have been guided to make a deeper connection with life itself.

And so this great stewardship continues… I had pieced together the photo of us taken in Fall of 2014 after we’d returned from a glorious hike around Little Moose Island.  The cosmos were the most beautiful ever. David made his transition to the Big Cosmos on March 11, 2015.  The LHR guests of 2015  whom had never met David, each expressed how much they felt David’s guiding presence here– sending them on a certain trail,  highlighting a particular piece of stone. Granite is very crystalline in nature…and crystal transmits… and oh boy there’s 12 miles of it under LHR and it’s  transmitting sheer love reflected back up from the very heaven that touches earth here in an expanded way, now that David has returned to his Cosmic Creative Self.

  Entry Stones @ SolsticeOriginal entry to the standing stone circle built by David in 1999

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