Joanna and Red Spruce

Mother Nature’s Best Amenities

There is a place, in Downeast Maine where heaven touches earth, where the  soul can find sweet sanctuary amidst towering pines and fir, bold granite outcroppings and blue pools of crystalline water. Off the beaten path, beloved by all who find her, Light Heart welcomes you to rest in one of her two retreat cottages:  the Blackberry Cottage and the Huckleberry Hideaway.


“…Being here centers us and brings us not only peace, but answers. The opportunity to be immersed in nature in such a remarkable jewel of a place, so consciously maintained and shared by its stewards, is a rare thing–a gift truly… ” ~Lauren Gonzalez, author of Submerged, Tales from the Basin

 Being is the great explainer.  ~Henry David Thoreau

The Qualities and Features that Make Light Heart Retreat the Home You’ll Want to Come Back To

Light Heart Retreat honors your needs for privacy and seclusion Light Heart Retreat is located at the end of a mile long dirt road. David’s son, our only neighbor, lives before our entry gate.  The two cottages, our own home and out buildings are all located and oriented so that there is privacy in the large, immediate area around each. Each cottage has its own yard, fire pit and designated swimming area.

On 100 acres and following the walking trails, you can find a spot to call your own–well, you may have to share your space with an eagle, otter, deer or porcupine and you can count on a chattering, red squirrel.

A stay in a cottage at Light Heart Retreat, is not your usual Maine camp or cabin rental. You’ll arrive to a turnkey cottage that has been spring cleaned using natural products from Sweet Grass Farm in Greenland, NH.  You’ll sleep on a good mattress with quality bedding that has been laundered with a natural product and line dried when possible.  Our guests who like to cook have been pleasantly surprised with their well-appointed kitchens. We are generous with towels. You’ll find a bouquet of fresh flowers and a wholesome baked good, such as Chunky Monkey Bread, awaiting you.


LHR offers guests a holistic resource library overlooking the quarry with tapes, CD’s, DVD’s, books and videos, including selections from Spiritual Cinema Circle. If you’re looking for inspiration, alternative healing, or if you’re on a spiritual search, we have answers for you in our ever-growing collection. Good old entertainment too, if per chance it rains.


For many, the campfire of childhood is just a memory. Is there anything more soothing than gazing into a fire under a starlit sky?  Each cottage has its own fire pit with a fire all ready set for you, awaiting your match. Additional campfire wood is available for a small fee.


Many guests enjoy the wood-fired sauna, set above an excellent swimming area on the quarry. There is nothing like taking a sauna on a clear night with the Milky Way above you and then plunging into the clear, sparkling, quarry water.


Sauna @ Sundown

Sauna @ Sundown

 An early morning walk is a blessing for the whole day.~Henry David Thoreau

Our walking trails take you through old growth forest and circle around secluded Bragdon Quarry. Here you can sit inside the meditation hut, paddle a canoe, skinny dip and sunbathe on the warm ledges. The forest loop trail takes you to the area we call Bruno’s Woods and to a stunning outcrop of granite called the Cathedral. All this quiet solitude is just a ten minute walk from your cottage.


He enjoys true leisure who has time to improve his soul’s estate.~ Henry David Thoreau

You can swim at a number of spots on either of the two large quarries. The water is crystal clear and has a silky feel to it.  One might assume incorrectly that the water would be cold. The granite absorbs and holds the warmth of the sun, making this the warmest water you’ll find in most of Maine.

There’s a canoe for guest use on each quarry. A picture is worth a thousand words.


The Standing Stone Circle is a favored place to visit in the beautiful light of morning or to watch the sunset from. You can sit in the dolman and meditate.  We celebrate the solstice and equinox here and there have been several wedding ceremonies within this sacred space. Photos taken in and around the circle often reveal beautiful light forms not seen by the naked eye.



David’s creations grace the areas around each cottage and even the interior of the Huckleberry Hideaway. There’s a tumulus David built–yet another place to meditate, on the way out to Bragdon quarry, too.


We have home-grown and home-cooked goods for sale to our guests.  We offer the overflow of fresh organic vegetables from our garden in season. Depending on Joanna’s availability to the kitchen there may be Downeast Kimchi, pickles, jams, some breads,–perhaps baked beans. Joanna’s salsa is famous and to live for.


Ready to Visit our Cottages? 

Cute as a button, Blackberry Cottage.

Simply sublime,  Huckleberry Hideaway.

Did you cut to chase and have already checked out the cottages?

Then Light Heart Retreat is ready to serve you up a retreat, a vacation, a honeymoon you’ll never forget…Are you ready to experience what it’s like where heaven touches earth? Contact the reservation angels below and they’ll leave THE LIGHT on for you!