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Trout Fishing in the Light Heart

It’s a big treat for David and myself to go into Bar Harbor after a busy day’s work at Light Heart Retreat and see a quality movie at Reel Pizza. We recently saw Salmon Fishing in the Yemen about a Sheik with a love of fishing who has a dream of introducing salmon fishing into his country but, it’s not about the fish…

We enjoyed a refillable bowl of buttered popcorn– real butter and we topped it off with nutritional yeast that Reel Pizza provides. David stretched out his 6 foot 6 inch body in the roomy aisle with the popcorn resting on the counter in front of us. Others were seated up front on living room furniture eating pizza or nachos, some drinking wine and beer. This is how we go to the movies in Downeast Maine!

Fishing in the Light Heart. This past Saturday we stocked Rainbow Trout in our large quarry for catch and release fishing for our guests and our own quiet enjoyment of seeing them rise. An added benefit of having fish in the quarry is seeing the birds that come to fish for them: Great Blue Herons, Bald Eagles, Osprey and the little bird with the big head, the Kingfisher.

Our grandsons, Kyle and Colby love to fish. They’re like two little old men out in the canoe, all quiet and contemplating their lines in the water until they catch a fish.Then they’re all excited about it, no matter what it is, and no matter the size. After the fish is released they’re still again.

Grandson Kyle on recent trip with his Great Grandfather, Dickie, on Lake Ontario.

Kids don’t need a pill to help them concentrate and experience calm…They need to be in nature.

When you’re out on the quarry in a canoe, fishing or not, you’re taking in all the shades of green and blue, of sky and water.  The bull frog chug-a-rums and the green frogs answers with short croaks and a long twang. The little tree frogs trill from their hiding places blending in with the granite and tree bark. The sun and breeze feel wonderful on your face. Time stands still.

While I was typing this out I received an email from my father, outdoor sportswriter, Dick Pinney, with this photo. Do you know what kind of fish this is? It reminded me of the many hours spent out on the water fishing with my Dad and a Landlocked Salmon I caught with him on Alton Bay in New Hampshire. It wasn’t a warm spring or summer day. It was the first fishing of the year and I was wearing a snowmobile suit! I drew a picture of that salmon to size in my sketch book. It was a big sketch book and a small salmon!

For all the fish I’ve caught, it’s not the fish that comes first to mind when I remember fishing with my Dad. I remember what it felt like. And even on that chilly spring day when I caught a salmon,  it felt Good!

We have so much to offer both individuals and families on retreat here. I’ve never written much about fishing on the quarry. It’s not about the fish…

Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is the not fish they are after. ~ Henry David Thoreau

Come cast a line out, swim with the fishes or maybe even kiss a fish, and find what your soul has been longing for…the peace and beauty of Light Heart Retreat.