Acadia National Park

Huckleberry Hideaway for Lovers of the Light

One of my most favorite things to experience at Light Heart is time alone on retreat at the Huckleberry in the Spring. I start the day in the hot tub— no jets. It’s about the pleasant contrast of being submerged chin deep in warm water and cool, crisp air on the face. Distant hills beyond Taunton Bay glow with the sun rise, mist rises up in the valleys.

So still, so quiet.

It’s hard to leave, but I do love my cup of morning tea which I sip from my stool, watching the sun’s progress as I journal.

To have nowhere to go, nothing to do, is there anything better? There’s not a single place I’d rather be before Summer’s bugle plays Reveille, than at the Huckleberry Hideaway, reveling in the Light.

Revel in the Light, Shine the Light, Be the Light!

Spring’s blessings to you from Joanna


Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful!
We almost want to say bad things to try to keep a secret but the positive energy must be shared… Perfect mountain cottage that feels like a home. Has everything you need for a perfect get-away. Cozy fireplace with plenty of wood. Towels, full kitchen, soft sheets. Watch amazing sunsets from the balcony. Watch the sunrise on the trees while still in bed. Walking trails just outside the door and Acadia not too far away. Too many amazing features to describe! Joanna is the perfect host– shows you what you need then let’s you have your space. We will be back again. ~  Cinnamon B., September 23, 2016


Morning’s Glory at Light Heart Retreat

Morning is when I am awake and there is a dawn in me. ~Henry David Thoreau

There are some things you will not find here at Light Heart Retreat, such as dishwashers and broadcast T.V. To tune into NATURE  simply do your dishes and look out the window. There is always something beautiful and exciting to watch on the Light Heart Nature channel. Those are turkeys for you who are new to this mode of dish washing.

After you’ve got the breakfast dishes done, you may want to extend your viewing to include the trails. This is my private way out to Bragdon Quarry. The dew will find you, too, at your cottage. That’s one lone asparagus plant beaming the light of dawn. Oh…just like me 🙂

I love the early morning light as the dawn trickles through the leaves of maple, oak, birch, popular, spruce and balsam, spills over the moss strewn boulders–playing off the shadows. Hmmm…yes, just like me:)

The sun takes a dive into the cool, still quarry water and sends splashes of sunlight back to the source. Me too, but I make a lot of ripples.

Many guests look forward to sitting in the mediation hut safe from bugs. I lean my butt up against a natural granite bench on the ledge and crouch like a Bedouin in her tent. I tell the insects,  I am the chief steward here and this is a no fly zone. The birds are most welcome to come and chat me up. And they do.











Always keep an eye out for eagles. They often leave a gift. Most often I find the curved little heart feathers that have been preened loose from the breast while they’re roosting in the big pines around the quarry. (Please don’t write me and tell me it’s illegal to have an eagle feather…I know, I know, I know.)

This canoe was made possible by The Home Angels, from the profit we made on a local renovation. Seeing the boy out shooting hoops in front of his home, that’s a big payoff too.

It’s a different quarry when you’re viewing it from the seat of a canoe, or if your agile, the sky is a different sky, looking up from the bottom of the canoe. So I’ve heard.

Please enter slowly into this circle, it’s sacred. Pause at the entrance , breathe a few deep breaths with eyes closed and center yourself. Ask the ancestors for permission to enter. Don’t miss the opportunity to have your prayers answered and to receive healing here.

In the morning stand beyond the Holi Stone and send your prayers through the circle to Sun in the East. In the evening, send your intentions and gratitude through the Holi Stone facing West to Sun.

FYI we are our own ancestors– the ones we’ve been waiting for to save us all. The Cosmic Creator has a great sense of fun and humor. Thank God for that! 🙂

Newbies to this site may like a peak at the Huckleberry Honeymoon Hideaway. From the balcony you can look over into the stone circle and west across Taunton Bay to watch the sunset from the comfort of your cottage  The poor folk staying at  the Blackberry Cottage will have to hike the length of a football field to the big granite bench that rests beyond the Holi stone. The bench is nice and warm from the suns rays and you may get to see a porcupine coming out of the granite rip rap condo’s for the night. They are pretty cute. Steer clear of mothers with babies especially though…give them a wide berth.

Oh dear, I was speaking about the sunset and I wasn’t done with the dawn’s light theme yet. The little white lilies open in the morning sun shining forth their love and gratitude for the wonderful guests at the Blackberry Cottage who bring their coffee and bread out to the settee and oooh and ahhh and do a lot of sighing in the warmth of the sun. They have a front row seat for sunrise over the quarries.  The Blackberry Cottage has its perks, for sure.

Tah-Dah! Here’s the humble, cute-as-a button Blackberry Cottage who doesn’t mind taking a back seat to neighboring cottage with the big deal hot tub. There are many sightings of deer and porcupines, and of course turkeys, through the window over the kitchen sink that overlooks the back lawn. There’s also been a 5 AM moose sighting. You know what they say, The early bird gets the moose.

Well dear friends, the sun is getting high in the sky and my tumbly is rumbly. Thank you for keeping me company on my morning stroll to some of my favorite places at Light Heart Retreat. The pictures don’t come close to the real thing you know, but don’t take my word for it. Come and experience the magic of Light Heart Retreat for yourself.

The Dawn’s Light in me Greets the Dawn’s Light in you! Namaste`~

Joanna Pinney Buell

Looking for More out of Life…

Words cannot describe the feeling you have when you arrive here. My girlfriend and I were searching for the escape from our New York City lifestyles and definitely found it here. We arrived in the pitch of midnight (long day driving) and fell asleep to the sound of frogs and nothing else. Upon awaking we were greeted with the sunrise over the quarry and the beauty of this retreat. It is a magical place. When Joanna gave us the orientation a bald eagle crossed our views. A delightful omen. Joanna is a wonderful person and somebody who you can easily get along with. Very accommodating, and respectful; to you, to her property, to mother nature. Our first day, we had planned to go to Acadia, but were so enamored with the property, that we just hung out there! She has 100 acres to explore, canoe, swim and meditate. It is so wonderful. Although it is on a dirt road, it is not totally removed from civilization. Ellsworth is only 20 minutes away and has your typical American chain stores. The Hannaford is very good (good meat and salad selections). Bar Harbor is about 45 minutes to an hour, but everywhere you drive in that section of the planet is a treat. This place inspired me so much and I hope one day to return. We stayed in the blackberry cottage which is ample for a couple. It is small, yes, but we never felt cramped. We also toured Huckleberry Hideaway which was absolutely breathtaking, full of light, and inspiration. The place is magical. Off the beaten path, very reasonable, and probably better than most places you will find on mount desert island (If you are into nature, roughing it a little, and looking for more out of life). ~ John C., June 2016

Click here to visit the Light Heart Retreat site


Just Ask

David had a license plate on his truck that said Just Ask.

What is it that you’ve been wanting and have been so wrapped up in the wanting, that you forgot that perhaps, all you have to do is ask?

Before winter had even shed its first snow flake, I was asking for and having faith in a shorter, milder winter. As each storm approached I asked that if it wouldn’t upset the apple cart too much, could the storm please go out to sea. We had two storms that produced enough white crystal medicine to ski or snowshoe on– fair enough. It’s been wonderful to walk the trails of Light Heart Retreat in hiking boots. There was never a time when the trails were not accessible.

I know I am not the only one in New England to have taken the stance that nothing ventured, nothing gained, and I might as well Just Ask. It doesn’t look  like the photo above here yet…However we are well on our way to an early Spring or at the very least, a timely Spring arrival.

Water Fairies and 2 Orbs 3/04/2016

Orbs and water fairies dancing at Light Heart Retreat enjoying an early ice out on the morning of March 3, 2016.

When we ask for something, it is good to remember that just because we haven’t received it yet, it doesn’t mean it’s not already on its way to us.

Many of you have asked me for recipes. I don’t just follow a recipe, it’s always evolving. Some recipes, like soups and salsa, I have in the recipe box inside my head. Others are in the old Apple Works program and I’m unable to access them. ( I hope this doesn’t happen to the aforementioned recipe box.)  Then there are those recipes that no one has been able to reproduce. And yes, I do have a proprietary feeling for these and some others.

So there! You see? There is a Cooking Deva and she is listening. If only she weren’t the Cleaning Deva, Bookkeeping Deva, Laundry Deva, Lawn Mowing Deva, Gardening Deva, Reservation Deva, All Purpose Deva– then perhaps, just maybe or maybe not, you would have received a recipe. So here is a recipe for you for pumpkin bread below. If it’s not the one you asked me for, please let me know and I may put your requested recipe on the docket for another blog post.

I can highly attest to taking a retreat at the Huckleberry Hideaway this time of year. The light is beautiful. It’s warm in the sun. It’s a good time to work on a project that you’d hoped to have completed by now. It’s a great time walk the trails here or at Acadia National Park, see a movie at Reel Pizza, visit Jasper Beach. Spring is coming early this year and you’ll soon be mowing the lawn and a whole lot of other things. You could prime your pump for all the upcoming doing, doing, doing, with a gently paced and well fed stay here at the Huckleberry Hideaway at Light Heart.

If you don’t, I will. And when I hear the Barred owls calling Whooo cooooks for you? to their potential mate, I’ll answer,  I doooo! 

Blessings for an early Spring and Shine your Light!




Chunky Pumpky Bread from the Light Heart Retreat Kitchen

You can use any cooked, orange-fleshed, winter squash with this recipe. When using your own squash or pumpkin, decrease water to 1/3 cup.

Beat together in medium-sized bowl:
4 eggs
2/3 cup water (or milk or buttermilk make it more cake-like)
1 cup light olive oil or melted butter
2 cups or a 16 oz. can pumpkin

Sift together and stir in a large bowl as this is the bowl you’ll be finishing in:
3 1/3 cups King Arthur all-purpose flour
3 cups organic sugar (not too coarse)
2 tsp. baking soda
1 1/2 tsp. salt
1 tsp. cinnamon
1 tsp. nutmeg (decrease this if your don’t love nutmeg)
pinch of cloves
Optional: 2 cups chocolate chips, 1 cup toasted pumpkin seeds or chopped nuts,
1 cup Bob’s Red Mill flaked coconut. These are my favorite additions
for Chunky Pumpky. For a more traditional bread add 2 cups of raisins. I also do a blueberry/coconut version. 2 cups blueberries (thaw first on paper towel if frozen) and 1 cup coconut.

Make a hole in the center of the dry ingredients and add wet mixture to this. Stir to mix and then stir in the optional ingredients of your choice. Grease and flour 3 large bread tins or 4 smaller ones. The baking time varies according to the size of the pan and optional ingredients. Use a tooth pick to test. The larger size will take an hour plus. The smaller pans start checking at 50 minutes or less. If you’ve got a good sniffer you’ll smell this when it’s done.

Additionally your mouth may begin to water and kids will start bugging you about it’s readiness.

Clackers & zuke bread

Grandsons Kyle and Colby enjoying some Zuke bread after a dowsing lesson.

If you’re bread isn’t done, but is already brown on top, place a piece of tin foil loosely over the top and continue baking until a tooth pick comes out clean. This bread freezes wonderfully.

I like this bread best, not when it’s hot, but when each flavor has had a chance to stake it’s claim after a couple of days. That would be loaf #2 or #3 as loaf one will be long gone. ENJOY!

Late Spring is All Abloom Downeast and in Acadia

This is a repost from 2011~

As I am writing this on May 18th, our lawn is definitely abloom in dandelions. With this cool, damp spring, we are going to have just about all of our spring flowers and shrubbery blooming at the same time as our leaves unfold. Our spring seems to burst forth, all at once, though for the observant, it unfolds its beauty, a little each day.

Though Spring has arrived a tad late this year, there is one facet of our Downeast spring that has shown up right on time…the black fly.  Native Mainers love them. They keep the year round population down around here. David and I love them too.  The black flies signal gardening time and the arrival of spring warblers, who feed on them.

I’ve had pretty good success convincing black flies and other insects that David and I are their stewards; they should be kind to us. Those times when they are overcome by black fly mass consciousness to consume, we resort to hard core tactics, aka, Hard Core Bug Off. It’s the best natural bug repellent we’ve used and we’ve tried them all. It conditions my hair and skin, too and the scent is agreeable.

Now…why would I tell you about black flies when I want to fill cottages between now and the high season???

I am excrutiatingly honest when people contact us for a reservation here during this period. Most expect it to be summer here on Memorial Day weekend. We will have a few hot days between now and the official start of summer, but more often it’s in the sixties,  with a brisk sea breeze (keeps the bugs away). For those who think that the Bar Harbor area is a quaint northern version of the Jersey shore….I’d rather direct them elsewhere then risk their being unhappy here.

This is a great time to visit Acadia National Park and have the trails to yourself. The ocean side trails are virtually bug-free and the top of Mt. Cadillac is minus the big tour buses of summer. After  hiking in Acadia, you can go downtown to Bar Harbor and not have to wade through three cruise ship’s worth of tourists on the main drag. It’s a lovely place to stroll, shop and dine in or on the deck.  You can take in a  movie at Reel Pizza in the comfort of an easy chair and enjoy their bottomless bowl of popcorn with real butter.

Here at Light Heart Retreat, it’s a magical time of year that we relish, despite the long days working the vegetable gardens, doing landscaping, spring cleaning cottages and …

We love listening to the frog songs through the spring season into summer. It begins with the quack of wood frogs as soon as the ice is off the little quarries. Next, the spring peepers sing well into June. After dark we walk out to Bragdon Quarry to listen to the tree frogs. Their trilling is so loud, you’d think you were in a tropical rainforest.

The green frogs are just getting warmed up here this week. One young guest asked us last summer, “What makes the sound at night that boings like a rubber band?” Then last, but not least comes the competition amongst bull frogs.

The time leading up the Summer Solstice is highly energetic here, especially on the full moon in June. It’s when we’ve taken some of our best photos of colorful orbs, blue-white swooshes and intensified auras around our flowers. It’s wonderful to be out after dark, hearing the frogs, sitting by a campfire or wandering around the gardens and out to the standing stone circle with your camera.

So who would enjoy visiting here over the next 4 week period?

  • Hardcore outdoor fanatics who can’t get enough of Maine no matter what time of year it is.
  • Those who would enjoy being a tourist without the crush of high summer, who would appreciate Light Heart Retreat’s well-appointed cottages and the quiet, natural surrounds to return to after a long day of window shopping.
  • Hikers who want the trails in Acadia all to themselves. You could even do mindfulness meditation on the trails this time of year.
  • Someone who has a creative project that needs to be finished up by working inside. Your only disturbance will be the call of the Hermit Thrush. Need inspiration for your creativity? The Hermit Thrush varies it’s melody slightly each time it sings. Every melody it sings is original.

Light Heart Retreat in the spring isn’t for everybody. For some, it’s downright heaven! A big High Five to you Hardcore Lovers of Maine. Hope to see you soon.

Autumn’s Splendor at Light Heart Retreat

My walk out to Bragdon Quarry this morning revealed splashes of gold and red maple leaves amongst the evergreens and along the granite ledges. There were many rusty-orange toadstools, the biggest I’ve ever seen here.

There was a section of mossy trail that was laden with tiny white mushrooms, the top of which was slightly bigger than a common pin. Approaching the quarry I heard a spring peeper and then the wing drum of a ruffed grouse, I’d put up.  Yes, this has been a strange entry into fall in Maine, with one foot lingering way back in springtime and one foot in the wood burning season.



It’s good to be home. David and I just returned from a 12 night stay on Prince Edward Island.  We very much needed a rest and as peaceful and beautiful as it is at Light Heart Retreat, it is quite a challenge for us to be able to turn our backs on the to-do lists, the phone messages, the gardens, and the back log of office work that accumulates over spring and summer.

Being away gave us a great appreciation for just how well we do our jobs here, in providing a quality stay in an especially unique and tranquil setting.  We stayed in two cottages on PEI. The first was a glaring example of a poorly executed guest cottage. The second cottage gave us the gift of experiencing what it must be like for those who find their way to a cottage at Light Heart Retreat. The dynamic between the husband and wife owners even reminded me of David and myself. You can hear me tell The Tale of Two Cottages by clickinghere .





I just looked at the 7 day forecast for our area and gave a sigh looking at tomorrow’s forecast for some considerable rain. And then….the little sun icon showed up every day after that with the cooler temps we associate with crisp Autumn days in New England. It’s coming folks! The bright foliage, the smell of woodsmoke in the air, apple crunch and apple pie…Oh, typing that gives me an idea, instead of a sweet bread awaiting you in your Light Heart Retreat cottage, how would you like an apple crunch instead?



David and I milk this time of year, taking advantage of there being fewer tourists and traffic. We hike the trails in Acadia and visit Schoodic Point. We go apple picking at Sandy River Apples , hoping every year to see that 90+ year-old Francis Fenton is still doing what he loves.



We walk on the beach at Lamoine and David gathers seaweed for his compost pile. We browse the shops in Bar Harbor, Eden Rising, is our favorite, and grab some calamari at Geddy’s . We go in to a movie at Reel Pizza where you can sit in the comfort of an arm chair with a bottomless bowl of popcorn. We visit Hammond Hall
for a play or to hear music at Schoodic Art’s Last Friday Coffee House.

At home, we’re still harvesting vegetables right up until the frost, which means you’ll often find me in the kitchen putting up the bounty. When not at work at Buell’s Granite, David is working on the firewood and campfire wood supply for LHR. Late afternoon you might find us sitting on the far side of Bragdon Quarry, catching some late rays. We’re glad for sunny, crisp blue days and yet we don’t mind a rainy day or two to spend inside by the fire reading and napping.

So, what will it be? Pumpkin bread with chocolate chips or apple crunch? We hope you’ll visit David and myself to experience the more gentle pace that Autumn brings here to Acadia, Bar Harbor and to Light Heart Retreat. We promise you that no matter what the weather is, you’ll find a past time to tickle your fancy or soothe your soul.



You can see more information on the venues I’ve mentioned above by clicking on the highlighted links. To see availability for the Huckleberry Hideaway, Blackberry Cottage and the Quarry House go our website and see the individual link for each cottage to the calendar at HomeAway.

Blessings for all the riches and splendor that Autumn has to offer,

Joanna & David

P.S. Update on 10/5/10~ David and I visited Francis Fenton and his daughter, Carol today at Sandy River Apples. They’re doing a beautiful renovation on the barn, built in the early 1800’s. Francis is another year older since last  we saw him. At 95 he’s as quick and spry as ever. His secret? Eating applesauce daily made from his heritage apple variety called, Wealthy. Are you a quilter? Carol will be hosting a quilter’s retreat next summer. You can contact Carol for more information at the Sandy River Apples link above.

The President Slept Here

This is a repost~

Spring came early to Light Heart Retreat and beautiful summer weather followed, right on its heels. I had an email from Marian in Vermont this past weekend that it was 97 degrees there and that she was headed for the river. While most of the Northeast,  had temps into the 90’s, we were a balmy 83 degrees here with a good breeze. Nights have been in the low 60’s. The quarry water is warm, while still being refreshing. Mosquitos have been nonexistent during the day, their presence noticeable only after dark.

I’m reminded of the question asked in the Kevin Costner movie, Field of Dreams,“Mister, is this heaven?” For David and myself, and our guests at Light Heart Retreat, the answer is, “If it’s not, it ought to be!”

Are you hoping to squeeze in a retreat out of what remains of this summer? We still have a few openings left for the summer season here even though I am getting inquiries everyday. It seems many people thought they might forgo their summer vacation and have changed their minds. Now it’s not so easy to find a cottage that’s the right size, the right price and available at a time that matches their scheduled time off from work. Have you reached that point too? I hope we can accommodate your last minute retreat, here at LHR.

Here are 10 good reasons to consider a stay at Light Heart Retreat this summer:

  • 1. As Maria, our current guest at the Quarry House pointed out to me, “It’s like you’re an island here.” Yes–we are. Kind of like Madagascar! We’re just 2 miles from Rte. 1, at the end of a dirt road with just one neighbor outside our entrance.  It does look and feel like a totally different world here--a calm island oasis, amidst an ocean of chaos.

  • 2. Do you have children? The Quarry House provides plenty of space for all with it’s large great room and piano room. Kids have room to run on the spacious lawn and the granite slopes gently, like a beach into the water. 03/31/14 Update. The Quarry House has been retired. Light Heart Retreat is now for Adults Only. We enjoyed the families…our first calling is as a retreat for adults and we know there are many good opportunities for vacation in Maine for families)

  • 3. Can’t visit Stonehenge? Neither can we, so we built our own. It’s a great place to meditate to seek answers and healing. And what great photo ops! There’s a 12 foot granite bench to sit on and view the sunsets from.
  • 4. There is nothing quite like sitting around a fire to stir the soul to story telling and song.There are not many places one can go and enjoy a campfire these days. Each cottage has it’s own fire pit.

  • 5. When was the last time you cast a line? You can be a kid again at Light Heart Retreat. Bring a fishing pole and cruise the quarry in the canoe or walk the perimeter casting for bass.  Gotcha! Kyle & Colby caught these in Great Bay, not our Quarry!
  • 6. Oh the stars! No night pollution here. Imagine sitting at quarry’s edge, looking into the water and the stars shining back at you,  huge, sparkling pools of light. Don’t worry about the noise you hear behind you in the trees. It’s not a bear.

  • 7.It’s porcupines. Another reason to visit here. Have you ever seen a live porcupine? It’s likely you’ll see one here, or several, waddling across your lawn or perhaps they’ll be hogging the dirt road when you’re coming in or going out. Also,if you don’t see an eagle, raven or osprey on your stay, it’s because you’ve forgotten to look up.

  • 8. There is something so soulful in the bullfrog song that echos off the granite walls around the quarries. It was one of the offerings of LHR remembered by our recent guest, Niklas, from Norway.
  • 9. If you’ve come here alone or as a couple and it’s seclusion and solitude you seek, Bragdon Quarry offers just that. We’ve left a canoe out there, chairs and floats. All you need to do is bring your refreshments and novel and spend a day with just the sounds and sites of nature.  Now we’re talkin’–heavenly!

  • 10. The President slept here. Well, okay–not at Light Heart Retreat, but in Bar Harbor with his family last weekend. We are 25 minutes from Acadia National Park and the beautiful seaside towns of Mount Desert Island. Acadia Park and the town of Bar Harbor are one of the most visited places attracting visitors from all over the world, and for good reason. Find out about this national treasure here.

I could give 100 reasons for you to visit Light Heart Retreat, but this is a blog post and already too long by blog standards!

How to proceed with a reservation:

  1. Please go to our website first. You’ll get a good overview of the retreat and its amenities.
  2. Once you decide which cottage you’d like to stay in, you can click on it’s link to HomeAway where you can see an availability calendar and the specific amenities for your cottage.  Our rental week begins and ends on a Saturday during the summer season.
  3. Once you’ve found the week that works for you, you can send us an email inquiry from this site. If you don’t have school age children, and we don’t have an opening left that works for you, early September is a great time to visit LHR, it being hot in the sun, cool in the shade and what we in New England like to call, good sleeping weather.

We hope to see you soon!

Reason #11 to visit LHR, you need it soooo bad! Don’t you?

Blessings for a cool place, on a hot day!

Joanna & David


Summer’s Come Early to Light Heart Retreat

The bull frogs are chuga-rumming and the green frogs are ga-dunking. The crows and ravens are busy chasing ospreys away from their nests.The lupine is beginning to flower and the black flies are all but gone. The lawns have been mowed. I’ve been dipping in the quarry and it was warm enough to stay in and swim today–too hot to keep pushing around my little red wheelbarrow for gardening and landscape jobs.





This description fits mid June and it’s not even Memorial Day yet!Although we didn’t enjoy the warm temperatures the rest of New England experienced in early spring, we also didn’t receive the torrential rains. It’s been a heavenly spring so far and it looks like the blessing is going to continue.

There’s just one thing that we wish was different. We’d like to be sharing this most beautiful time of the year with guests visiting our cottages. We do have family coming for the Memorial Day weekend, but that still leaves the Huckleberry Hideaway and the Blackberry Cottage all dressed up with nowhere to go!

What are you doing this upcoming weekend? Whatever it is, it’s not likely to match the Light Heart Retreat experience. Here’s a couple of our guest book entries, the first from the Blackberry Cottage and the second from the Huckleberry Hideaway:

“Anyone reading these pages already knows that mere words cannot do justice to what is here…


How can one really describe serenity? Modern man is too often deprived of the simple wonder of a star filled sky, the rush of the breeze through the trees and the haunting call of the loons. Even a brief return to these gifts reminds us of our place in the huge universe. Thank you Joanna & David for sharing this!”Kathy, PA

“We have been here for a week and Huckleberry has been a true paradise. What a beautiful place you have created for rest, relaxation and recharging.  Light Heart Retreat is so peaceful and welcoming. We barely left during our week’s stay.  The sunset view from Huckleberry is breathtaking. Swimming in the quarry, the sauna, the hot tub–all perfect.  Thanks your for the love and care you clearly put into every detail of this magical place. We are forever grateful and will definitely be back again!”
Jen & John,

We have a little stimulus package to offer to the readers of the Dowsing Deva posts and to those who came on board early reading the initial posts made at this site.
I’ve already lowered prices this year and eliminated the cleaning fee. Our nightly fee is less than a good hotel room and you get a spotless, cozy cottage, a great resource library, a wood fired sauna, your own fire pit, walking trails and two swimming quarries with the warmest water you’re going to find anywhere in Maine (think granite swimming pool). You get to see the night sky in all it’s glory. I could go on and on, but our guests do that job for us. You can see many more guest book entries at

Click here for the Blackberry Cottage and here for the Huckleberry Hideaway. Everything you need to know, is there, except this:

Here’s your special offer: An additional $50 off any three night rental (or longer) between now and June 21st.

If you’re interested in spending the upcoming weekend at Light Heart Retreat, please contact me right away. I’m going to have to get Tall Bunyan to venture into the quarry to sweep last years leaves off from the granite shelf below the sauna so it will be clean as a whistle to set your feet upon when you dive into the water after your sauna.  Usually David would not be partaking of this duty until mid June. (I’m too short for this job and I’ll probably have to bake him a couple of rhubarb pies as his stimulus to enter the quarry water this soon).

We hope to see some of you over the next few weeks and more of you as the season unfolds. You can contact me from the HomeAway sites or use the contact form below. Click on any of the photos to see our web site.

We’re taking next weekend off and invite you to come join us as we let the mind rest in heart at Light Heart Retreat.

Blessings for a spectacular late spring!