Is This You?

Desperately Seeking Sanctuary. Independent, mature, discerning, loves and honors nature. Appreciates beauty. Creative. Likes to cook and enjoys your cooking, too. Looking to get away from the noise of cell phones, television, traffic… I am just so weary of it all! Seeking a little hermitage in the woods where I can leave my window open at night and hear an owl hoot, a bull frog chug-a-rum, the wind rustle the leaves. Where I may inhale deeply of pine and fir. Where the stars are so big, so bright and so many.  Where the stillness is so deep, I can swim in it. Where the morning sunlight filtering through the trees is so sweet and gentle that my  soul sighs with delight and gratitude. Where I may dip into  a crystalline quarry whose water feels silky over all of my skin. Where I may stretch out on a slab of warm granite and take in the sun’s rays. Where I may hear a whistle,  look up and see a pair of eagles circling overhead. Where I may linger on a woods trail, identifying ferns, flowers, mushrooms. Where I may lay my head down on a mossy pillow, looking up at the crown of old growth trees surrounding me. Oh heavenly hermitage where art thou? Yours truly,  Henry David

Dear Desperately Seeking Sanctuary,

We know of a place in Downeast Maine, where heaven touches earth. There you can find the beauty, solitude, and sweet sanctuary your soul is so in need of. It’s called Light Heart Retreat and now there’s a possibility for you sharing this sanctuary with your children.

Was this you and now you have children in tow?

Formerly Light Heart Retreat had a big family cottage located on the owner’s side where the granite slopes gently. This old cabin was removed in 2014. It was both fun and challenging to have families right next door to our own home.

Light Heart Retreat is an amazing place to share with a child. If you are a nature lover, then you want to share that with your children. David and myself have hosted a few families who had been here before since the demise of the Quarry House. So if you have a family and feel a strong draw to be here with them, please contact Joanna about this. I miss having kids here…we can talk about the possibility of a family retreat.

Our truest life is when we are in dreams awake.

~ Henry David Thoreau

NewHoliStoneThe Circle of Intent and the Holi Stone of Truth
“I read with interest the entries in the guest books of the Blackberry and Huckleberry cottages about how others were affected by their experience. Life changing was a common theme.  I am reluctant to declare such experience, probably because I have had important life changing, even life-threatening experiences in my life already. But I want you both to know that our stay was deeply meaningful.  For me, it was more like a gentle reminder of lessons I have learned at those other points in my life:  to breath deeply, appreciate the wonder of nature and my body, and to nurture my spirit.  An incredibly important reminder that I take back with me in my day-to-day life.  Thank you for providing the environment for that.” ~ Darla C., PA

Go here to see the two bedroom Huckleberry Hideaway (has hot tub) and go here to see the one story,  Cute as a Button Blackberry Cottage.

Please  contact Joanna at 1.207.669.4554 or use the form below. Best to book by March 1st.