Guest Policies

Light Heart Retreat Screens Potential Guests

Please read this carefully. Thank you. Light Heart Retreat has a quiet, retreat atmosphere.  Guests are screened to ensure as much as possible, that we are a good match for each other.

  • Light Heart Retreat is for adults 25 years and older. Some exceptions made.
  •  No recreational drugs allowed. Alcohol in moderation please.
  • No parties…please have fun, but this is not the place to come to hang out and party.
  • Cell phones. We realize you may have to be outside to get cell phone reception. Please do not use your phone at the sauna, point, campfire, stone circle, on trails or near our home or other cottages. All of us can use a retreat from the cell phone and the loud voice that accompanies it.
  • No smoking anywhere, anytime. This includes marijuana.
  • No pets, no exceptions except for a service dog upon approval.

Guests are asked to:
    1. Compost food scraps.
    2. Wash their dishes, put their garbage out, keep their cottage clean.
    3. Participate with our energy conservation policies.
    4. Rinse and store recyclables and returnables.
    5. Complete a short clean-up check list on the morning of check out.
    6. Be checked out no later than 10 AM, unless by previous arrangement.

You will receive a rental agreement. Only those names present on the agreement are to be overnight guests of the retreat. Please let us know if you have someone coming in to visit you for a day. We’re happy to have them visit you here.  Thank you for apprising all guests of these policies.

These policies have evolved from our experience as hosts. We apologize to those for whom this all goes without saying. May those who seek more of a camp experience, find just the right situation to suit their style.

Blessings for peace,

Joanna Pinney Buell, owner and steward of Light Heart Retreat in Sullivan, Maine.