My Best Huckleberry Friend, David

David on the PathMy dearest Huckleberry Friend with whom I’ve wandered these Huckleberry lined trails with for almost twenty years, went Home on March 11th after a three month transition period. We had a Celebration of Life ceremony in the standing stone circle on April 18th. The snow melted just in time, and the ice on the quarry had finally let go of the far north shore.

An eagle flew east to west at the beginning and when the celebration was done, flew directly over my head west to east. That eagle has shown up a number of times since, especially when I need some bolstering up.

My husband, David was a poet, a gifted pianist, and a sculptor. He was a master gardener and a philosopher. What guests may not have noticed, as it was so seamlessly accomplished, is that Light Heart Retreat was not only David’s inspiration, it was his pallet.

David crafted trails and places to pause and be still and quiet in. He would get down on his hands and knees to clear the twigs and new growth away. When he was done it was if the remaining perfection had always been there. No…Mother Nature had a first rate foreman, here at Light Heart Retreat.

David was born under the sign of Scorpio, but he was not a lover of the water as I am. Still, for the early guests, David would get in the chilly water and take the last season’s leaves out of the area by the sauna and sweep the quarry bottom with a construction broom until it was sparkling clean. What was left was a beautiful, golden, granite- bottomed swimming pool. Thanks to David. Mother Nature always left a terrible mess there for him in the Spring.

David gave the same care to the vegetable gardens that he gave to special places in the woods, tilling every row by hand from down on his knees. These rows were interspersed with flowers that appeared to have just volunteered themselves. They didn’t. His Golden Glow tomatoes and salad greens he shared with guests grew from soil that was built up over time with trips to Lamoine Beach for seaweed and to various farms for manure. Even the compost piles were part of the pallet with potatoes growing out of one pile, little Patty-Pans and big ole Blue Hubbard rambling far beyond the boundaries of another pile.

David said, “If you want to find God, grow a garden. You can dig for Him there.”

And it may have seemed the piano music wafting from our house was at random. Well, it wasn’t. David put the windows all the way up and depending on his mood you heard a rip snortin’ Latin number or rag time, and once in a great while, something sweet and lilting. The compositions you heard came from David himself and some of it was only played just that once, and it was created for you.

Whatever David was doing to get ready for guests, he would say, “We’ve got to get ready. Christ is coming.”

David always wanted to give more, to give a gift to friends and guests when they left. He never realized the gift he was always giving of himself personally through all his creations. David has left us all much, so very much that can be seen and felt here. And this will continue to be so.

Our early logo was Let the mind rest in the heart. As I was admiring the sun setting over the tree tops one evening, it became so very clear to me that heaven was touching earth here, through the old growth pines. David loved these trees and did his best to show them off by giving them space. We changed our logo to Where heaven touches earth.

David, was a tall tree at 6 foot 6 inches tall and like his beloved big pine trees, he too brought heaven to earth. When you hug a tree at Light Heart Retreat now, you better be ready to get hugged back because David is still on the job as co-steward/spiritual director and I’ve been demoted to grounds crew. Mother Nature is mostly creating beauty and also a few messes for me to clean up. I’m the short one and it isn’t very easy to push a construction broom through chest high water.