Autumn’s Splendor at Light Heart Retreat

My walk out to Bragdon Quarry this morning revealed splashes of gold and red maple leaves amongst the evergreens and along the granite ledges. There were many rusty-orange toadstools, the biggest I’ve ever seen here.

There was a section of mossy trail that was laden with tiny white mushrooms, the top of which was slightly bigger than a common pin. Approaching the quarry I heard a spring peeper and then the wing drum of a ruffed grouse, I’d put up.  Yes, this has been a strange entry into fall in Maine, with one foot lingering way back in springtime and one foot in the wood burning season.



It’s good to be home. David and I just returned from a 12 night stay on Prince Edward Island.  We very much needed a rest and as peaceful and beautiful as it is at Light Heart Retreat, it is quite a challenge for us to be able to turn our backs on the to-do lists, the phone messages, the gardens, and the back log of office work that accumulates over spring and summer.

Being away gave us a great appreciation for just how well we do our jobs here, in providing a quality stay in an especially unique and tranquil setting.  We stayed in two cottages on PEI. The first was a glaring example of a poorly executed guest cottage. The second cottage gave us the gift of experiencing what it must be like for those who find their way to a cottage at Light Heart Retreat. The dynamic between the husband and wife owners even reminded me of David and myself. You can hear me tell The Tale of Two Cottages by clickinghere .





I just looked at the 7 day forecast for our area and gave a sigh looking at tomorrow’s forecast for some considerable rain. And then….the little sun icon showed up every day after that with the cooler temps we associate with crisp Autumn days in New England. It’s coming folks! The bright foliage, the smell of woodsmoke in the air, apple crunch and apple pie…Oh, typing that gives me an idea, instead of a sweet bread awaiting you in your Light Heart Retreat cottage, how would you like an apple crunch instead?



David and I milk this time of year, taking advantage of there being fewer tourists and traffic. We hike the trails in Acadia and visit Schoodic Point. We go apple picking at Sandy River Apples , hoping every year to see that 90+ year-old Francis Fenton is still doing what he loves.



We walk on the beach at Lamoine and David gathers seaweed for his compost pile. We browse the shops in Bar Harbor, Eden Rising, is our favorite, and grab some calamari at Geddy’s . We go in to a movie at Reel Pizza where you can sit in the comfort of an arm chair with a bottomless bowl of popcorn. We visit Hammond Hall
for a play or to hear music at Schoodic Art’s Last Friday Coffee House.

At home, we’re still harvesting vegetables right up until the frost, which means you’ll often find me in the kitchen putting up the bounty. When not at work at Buell’s Granite, David is working on the firewood and campfire wood supply for LHR. Late afternoon you might find us sitting on the far side of Bragdon Quarry, catching some late rays. We’re glad for sunny, crisp blue days and yet we don’t mind a rainy day or two to spend inside by the fire reading and napping.

So, what will it be? Pumpkin bread with chocolate chips or apple crunch? We hope you’ll visit David and myself to experience the more gentle pace that Autumn brings here to Acadia, Bar Harbor and to Light Heart Retreat. We promise you that no matter what the weather is, you’ll find a past time to tickle your fancy or soothe your soul.



You can see more information on the venues I’ve mentioned above by clicking on the highlighted links. To see availability for the Huckleberry Hideaway, Blackberry Cottage and the Quarry House go our website and see the individual link for each cottage to the calendar at HomeAway.

Blessings for all the riches and splendor that Autumn has to offer,

Joanna & David

P.S. Update on 10/5/10~ David and I visited Francis Fenton and his daughter, Carol today at Sandy River Apples. They’re doing a beautiful renovation on the barn, built in the early 1800’s. Francis is another year older since last  we saw him. At 95 he’s as quick and spry as ever. His secret? Eating applesauce daily made from his heritage apple variety called, Wealthy. Are you a quilter? Carol will be hosting a quilter’s retreat next summer. You can contact Carol for more information at the Sandy River Apples link above.