The President Slept Here

This is a repost~

Spring came early to Light Heart Retreat and beautiful summer weather followed, right on its heels. I had an email from Marian in Vermont this past weekend that it was 97 degrees there and that she was headed for the river. While most of the Northeast,  had temps into the 90’s, we were a balmy 83 degrees here with a good breeze. Nights have been in the low 60’s. The quarry water is warm, while still being refreshing. Mosquitos have been nonexistent during the day, their presence noticeable only after dark.

I’m reminded of the question asked in the Kevin Costner movie, Field of Dreams,“Mister, is this heaven?” For David and myself, and our guests at Light Heart Retreat, the answer is, “If it’s not, it ought to be!”

Are you hoping to squeeze in a retreat out of what remains of this summer? We still have a few openings left for the summer season here even though I am getting inquiries everyday. It seems many people thought they might forgo their summer vacation and have changed their minds. Now it’s not so easy to find a cottage that’s the right size, the right price and available at a time that matches their scheduled time off from work. Have you reached that point too? I hope we can accommodate your last minute retreat, here at LHR.

Here are 10 good reasons to consider a stay at Light Heart Retreat this summer:

  • 1. As Maria, our current guest at the Quarry House pointed out to me, “It’s like you’re an island here.” Yes–we are. Kind of like Madagascar! We’re just 2 miles from Rte. 1, at the end of a dirt road with just one neighbor outside our entrance.  It does look and feel like a totally different world here--a calm island oasis, amidst an ocean of chaos.

  • 2. Do you have children? The Quarry House provides plenty of space for all with it’s large great room and piano room. Kids have room to run on the spacious lawn and the granite slopes gently, like a beach into the water. 03/31/14 Update. The Quarry House has been retired. Light Heart Retreat is now for Adults Only. We enjoyed the families…our first calling is as a retreat for adults and we know there are many good opportunities for vacation in Maine for families)

  • 3. Can’t visit Stonehenge? Neither can we, so we built our own. It’s a great place to meditate to seek answers and healing. And what great photo ops! There’s a 12 foot granite bench to sit on and view the sunsets from.
  • 4. There is nothing quite like sitting around a fire to stir the soul to story telling and song.There are not many places one can go and enjoy a campfire these days. Each cottage has it’s own fire pit.

  • 5. When was the last time you cast a line? You can be a kid again at Light Heart Retreat. Bring a fishing pole and cruise the quarry in the canoe or walk the perimeter casting for bass.  Gotcha! Kyle & Colby caught these in Great Bay, not our Quarry!
  • 6. Oh the stars! No night pollution here. Imagine sitting at quarry’s edge, looking into the water and the stars shining back at you,  huge, sparkling pools of light. Don’t worry about the noise you hear behind you in the trees. It’s not a bear.

  • 7.It’s porcupines. Another reason to visit here. Have you ever seen a live porcupine? It’s likely you’ll see one here, or several, waddling across your lawn or perhaps they’ll be hogging the dirt road when you’re coming in or going out. Also,if you don’t see an eagle, raven or osprey on your stay, it’s because you’ve forgotten to look up.

  • 8. There is something so soulful in the bullfrog song that echos off the granite walls around the quarries. It was one of the offerings of LHR remembered by our recent guest, Niklas, from Norway.
  • 9. If you’ve come here alone or as a couple and it’s seclusion and solitude you seek, Bragdon Quarry offers just that. We’ve left a canoe out there, chairs and floats. All you need to do is bring your refreshments and novel and spend a day with just the sounds and sites of nature.  Now we’re talkin’–heavenly!

  • 10. The President slept here. Well, okay–not at Light Heart Retreat, but in Bar Harbor with his family last weekend. We are 25 minutes from Acadia National Park and the beautiful seaside towns of Mount Desert Island. Acadia Park and the town of Bar Harbor are one of the most visited places attracting visitors from all over the world, and for good reason. Find out about this national treasure here.

I could give 100 reasons for you to visit Light Heart Retreat, but this is a blog post and already too long by blog standards!

How to proceed with a reservation:

  1. Please go to our website first. You’ll get a good overview of the retreat and its amenities.
  2. Once you decide which cottage you’d like to stay in, you can click on it’s link to HomeAway where you can see an availability calendar and the specific amenities for your cottage.  Our rental week begins and ends on a Saturday during the summer season.
  3. Once you’ve found the week that works for you, you can send us an email inquiry from this site. If you don’t have school age children, and we don’t have an opening left that works for you, early September is a great time to visit LHR, it being hot in the sun, cool in the shade and what we in New England like to call, good sleeping weather.

We hope to see you soon!

Reason #11 to visit LHR, you need it soooo bad! Don’t you?

Blessings for a cool place, on a hot day!

Joanna & David