Summer’s Come Early to Light Heart Retreat

The bull frogs are chuga-rumming and the green frogs are ga-dunking. The crows and ravens are busy chasing ospreys away from their nests.The lupine is beginning to flower and the black flies are all but gone. The lawns have been mowed. I’ve been dipping in the quarry and it was warm enough to stay in and swim today–too hot to keep pushing around my little red wheelbarrow for gardening and landscape jobs.





This description fits mid June and it’s not even Memorial Day yet!Although we didn’t enjoy the warm temperatures the rest of New England experienced in early spring, we also didn’t receive the torrential rains. It’s been a heavenly spring so far and it looks like the blessing is going to continue.

There’s just one thing that we wish was different. We’d like to be sharing this most beautiful time of the year with guests visiting our cottages. We do have family coming for the Memorial Day weekend, but that still leaves the Huckleberry Hideaway and the Blackberry Cottage all dressed up with nowhere to go!

What are you doing this upcoming weekend? Whatever it is, it’s not likely to match the Light Heart Retreat experience. Here’s a couple of our guest book entries, the first from the Blackberry Cottage and the second from the Huckleberry Hideaway:

“Anyone reading these pages already knows that mere words cannot do justice to what is here…


How can one really describe serenity? Modern man is too often deprived of the simple wonder of a star filled sky, the rush of the breeze through the trees and the haunting call of the loons. Even a brief return to these gifts reminds us of our place in the huge universe. Thank you Joanna & David for sharing this!”Kathy, PA

“We have been here for a week and Huckleberry has been a true paradise. What a beautiful place you have created for rest, relaxation and recharging.  Light Heart Retreat is so peaceful and welcoming. We barely left during our week’s stay.  The sunset view from Huckleberry is breathtaking. Swimming in the quarry, the sauna, the hot tub–all perfect.  Thanks your for the love and care you clearly put into every detail of this magical place. We are forever grateful and will definitely be back again!”
Jen & John,

We have a little stimulus package to offer to the readers of the Dowsing Deva posts and to those who came on board early reading the initial posts made at this site.
I’ve already lowered prices this year and eliminated the cleaning fee. Our nightly fee is less than a good hotel room and you get a spotless, cozy cottage, a great resource library, a wood fired sauna, your own fire pit, walking trails and two swimming quarries with the warmest water you’re going to find anywhere in Maine (think granite swimming pool). You get to see the night sky in all it’s glory. I could go on and on, but our guests do that job for us. You can see many more guest book entries at

Click here for the Blackberry Cottage and here for the Huckleberry Hideaway. Everything you need to know, is there, except this:

Here’s your special offer: An additional $50 off any three night rental (or longer) between now and June 21st.

If you’re interested in spending the upcoming weekend at Light Heart Retreat, please contact me right away. I’m going to have to get Tall Bunyan to venture into the quarry to sweep last years leaves off from the granite shelf below the sauna so it will be clean as a whistle to set your feet upon when you dive into the water after your sauna.  Usually David would not be partaking of this duty until mid June. (I’m too short for this job and I’ll probably have to bake him a couple of rhubarb pies as his stimulus to enter the quarry water this soon).

We hope to see some of you over the next few weeks and more of you as the season unfolds. You can contact me from the HomeAway sites or use the contact form below. Click on any of the photos to see our web site.

We’re taking next weekend off and invite you to come join us as we let the mind rest in heart at Light Heart Retreat.

Blessings for a spectacular late spring!